PGE Roadshow

The PGE roadshow has officially kicked off!

We want to spread knowledge about Post Growth Entrepreneurship (and Non-Extractive Finance) to every business school and startup (impact) incubator!

You still have the opportunity to bring the roadshow to you! We are on the look out for hosts who can organize a guest lecture and/or event to be delivered by Dr. Melanie Rieback.

If you would like to host us and bring Post Growth Entrepreneurship to your business school or incubator, fill out the application form below.



This is a rough indication of where the PGE Roadshow will be headed throughout the year. These geographical clusters will be updated as time goes on.

Jan - Feb: W Eur (NL, BE)
Mar: W Eur (DE, GB)
Apr: W Eur (FI, PT)
May: C Eur (AT, ES, HR, TR)
June: C Eur (SL) + AIPAC (JA, AU)
Jul - AIPAC (KS)
Aug: W Eur (CH) + Americas (US)
Sept: W Eur (CH, DK, DE)
Oct - Nov: Americas (CA, US)
Dec: TBD